Infaset VE102 Vinylester Styrene-free Injection System (420ml)

Product Code: 29108

InFaSet VE102 Vinylester is a Styrene-free 2-component reaction Vinylester resin. This cost-effective product may be used in combination with a hand, battery or pneumatic injection tool and a static mixer.

It was designed especially for the anchoring of threaded rods or reinforcing bars into concrete. Based on the excellent standing behaviour the usability for overhead application is proven.

The InFaSet VE102 Vinylester is characterised, by a huge range of applications including seismic C1 + C2 with an installation temperature from -5°C and an installation concrete temperature range of -5° to +40°C.

The InFaSet VE102 Vinylester has been tested and assessed for use in concrete base materials up to 80°C (once fully cured).

Applications - Suitable for the fixation of facades, roofs, wood constructions, metal constructions, metal profiles, columns, beams, consoles, railings, sanitary devices, cable trays, piping, post-installed rebar connection (reconstruction or reinforcement), etc.


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